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Personal data stolen from Facebook have been leaked — see these resources for victims of the data leak

Publication date 4.4.2021 11.10 | Published in English on 8.4.2021 at 12.29
Press release

According to news reports, data stolen from Facebook in 2019 have been published on a hacker forum. The leaked data include at least names, telephone numbers, links to Facebook profiles, email addresses and the user's gender. The leak does not include data such as passwords or payment information.

According to the National Cyber Security Centre, the leak includes the data of almost 1.2 million Finns. The leaking of personal data increases the risk of their misuse. We have compiled general instructions for victims of personal data breaches on our website in Finnish. More information on protecting yourself from identity theft is available from this article by the National Cyber Security Centre.

Further information:

National Cyber Security Centre release (in Finnish): Facebookin vuonna 2019 varastettuja tietoja julkaistu - mukana 1,4 miljoonan suomalaisen tiedot  

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