Have you misplaced personal data?

This page provides instructions on what to do if your personal data has been lost, stolen or acquired with a phishing message.

Act fast especially if:

  • you have lost payment card details or your online bank ID and password;
  • you have lost your passport or identity card; or
  • an important username and the associated password have been disclosed to third parties.

If a crime has been committed against you, file a police report in the police e-services as soon as possible. For example, file a report if a device containing your personal data has been stolen or you have fallen victim to identity theft (Victim Support Finland website).​​​​​​​

Instructions for personal data breaches and misplaced personal data

Decrease the risk of misuse of your personal data

You can protect yourself from personal data breaches and the loss and misuse of your personal data by being careful.

  • Do not reply to suspicious email messages asking for your usernames, passwords, debit or credit card details, or personal data. Organisations such as the police, your bank, the Tax Administration, Microsoft or Google never ask for such information over the telephone or by email.
  • Use different passwords for different services.
  • Do not carry passwords or other codes with you unnecessarily. Follow the instructions of your bank concerning the storage of your user ID and codes.
  • Use reliable and secure online shops. The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority website contains information on avoiding online shop scams.
  • Dispose carefully of any papers containing your personal data.
  • Keep your identification documents and cards safe.
  • Wipe devices containing your personal data before disposing of them, selling them or giving them away.
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies regularly.