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Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman

The Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman safeguards your data protection rights

The Data Protection Ombudsman is a national supervisory authority which supervises the compliance with data protection legislation. With Data Protection Ombudsman and two Deputy Data Protection Ombudsmen there works approximately 55 specialists in the office.

Data Protection Ombudsman Anu Talus has held the post since November 1st 2020. Deputy Data Protection Ombudsman Heljä-Tuulia Pihamaa has taken up her post on March 22nd 2021 and Deputy Data Protection Ombudsman Annina Hautala on September 1st 2022.

The Data Protection Ombudsman is an autonomous and independent authority who are appointed by the government. Their term of office is five years.

Sanctions Board

The Data Protection Ombudsman and deputy data protection ombudsmen form the Sanctions Board tasked with imposing administrative fines in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. The Board is chaired by the Data Protection Ombudsman.

Expert Board

The Expert Board, operating in connection with the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman, is tasked with issuing statements on significant questions related to the application of the legislation governing the processing of personal data at the request of the Data Protection Ombudsman. The term of the Expert Board began on 1 May 2024 and will end on 30 April 2027.

The Expert Board consists of a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson and three Members, all of whom have a personal deputy member. The members of the Board are experts independent of the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman. The Board may also consult other experts if necessary.

Chair: Riikka Koulu, Assistant Professor
Deputy member of the Chair: Tobias Bräutigam, Adjunct Professor, Attorney
Vice Chair: Sami Kivivasara, Director of Legislative Affairs
Deputy member of the Vice Chair: Taito von Konow, Senior Specialist
Member: Riikka Rosendahl, Team Manager
Personal deputy member: Antti Poikola, Senior Lead in Data Economy
Member: Kimmo Rousku, General Secretary, Senior Specialist
Personal deputy member: Päivi Pösö, Chief of Information Management
Member: Tommi Toivola, Manager
Personal deputy member: Eija Warma-Lehtinen, Lawyer, Partner

The Finnish Government appoints the Board for a three-year term.

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