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Annina Hautala appointed Deputy Data Protection Ombudsman

Publication date 8.7.2022 13.18 | Published in English on 27.7.2022 at 9.25
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The Government has today appointed Annina Hautala, Master of Laws, to the office of Deputy Data Protection Ombudsman starting from 1 September. The term of office is five years. As Deputy Data Protection Ombudsman, Hautala will be responsible for matters related to security and judicial administration, as well as head one of the customer service teams at the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman.

Annina Hautala currently holds the position of Chief of Information Management at the National Police Board of Finland, prior to which she worked as Group Manager of the Data Protection Team of the National Police Board. Hautala's previous work history includes the positions of Leading Specialist and Data Protection Officer at the Population Register Centre.

The Deputy Data Protection Ombudsman is responsible for resolving matters related to her duties at the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman and managing matters that fall under the Data Protection Law Enforcement Directive. Furthermore, the Deputy Data Protection Ombudsman is a member of the sanctions board of the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman responsible for deciding on the imposition of administrative fines. The Deputy Data Protection Ombudsman deputises the Data Protection Ombudsman as necessary.

Ten people applied for the position of the Deputy Data Protection Ombudsman.

Further information:

Data Protection Ombudsman Anu Talus, anu.talus(at), tel. +358 29 566 6766

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